Roving Sushi Bus
Charleston, Asheville & Denver's(coming soon) most unique dining experience offering public and private brewery & dining tours Available for caterings, parties, corporate events and more!

Visit great local craft breweries, sample a selection of fine local brews and dine on a selection of creative asian culinary delights! 2 Breweries / 2 Courses - $89 - 3 Breweries / 3 Courses - $99 -


Ride aboard Sushikon for a trip to 3 local craft breweries and sample a selection of fine local brews. Snack on small goodies and water between breweries. - $55 -


Come along for Sunday Brunch with us on a tour of the greatest local breweries while being fed a selection of amazing eats! - $89 -


Sushikon is available for private parties of all types! Contact us for more information on booking a private tour.


Sushikon is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor & bachelorette parties and any other special occasion!

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  • Best time I ever had on an old skool MCI bus. I will be doing this again that for sure

    Randy Davenport
  • My husband and I are always looking for new things to do in Charleston. This trip was unique because we had the opportunity to be treated around our own hometown in style! The experience was a perfect combination of enjoying a great dinner date for the two of us while providing the opportunity to meet others as well! Relaxed, carefree, and delightful. Fantastic group of folks all around and extra thank you's to Hewitt for being the ultimate host!

    Robin Brown-Burke
  • Had a super fun experience recently for a friend's birthday party and would highly recommend taking a ride on the bus! The sushi was delicious and the staff great too!

    Katie McKain
  • What a top-notch experience with an even more stellar crew! Highly recommend the trip as we had the opportunity to visit breweries I hadn't even known about. Book early as they can fill up! If you don't enjoy this, you've done something wrong.

    James Teixeira
  • Went for a friends birthday last weekend and it was awesome, we had such a drunk (good) time I would definitely do it again!!

    Noah Netherton
  • Amazing! I was worried there wouldn't be enough food. 2 words solved that problem: sushi nachos! Can't wait to do it again!

    Eric Hiltz
  • I went on the Sushikon tour this weekend and it was awesome. If you like craft beer and sushi then this is definitely something to consider. The food is really good and the timing of it is perfect. You seem to have exactly the right amount of time at each brewery before they tell you that the bus is pulling out, and when you get back on there is a delicious meal waiting for you to eat while you are on the way to the next stop. The tour guide was very knowledgeable about beer,¬†and all of the staff on board was extremely professional. The tour also allows you to see a lot of the city, because we covered a lot of ground on the way to the different breweries. The price is extremely reasonable, and I would say well worth it. Overall this is a great experience, and something you could have fun doing whether you are just visiting the city or you've lived there for years!

    Joe Hunt
  • What a blast! The host was great, the sushi nachos were the stuff dreams are made of, and I can't wait for an excuse to do it again!

    Douala Long
  • Had an awesome night on the Sushikon brewshi bus! Hit three breweries and were served amazing sushi dishes in between. Thank you Lake for an amazing evening with you and your sushi crew!

    Laura Facino
  • Sushikon was absolutely amazing! Such a fun and different date night!

    Amanda Johnson Hardee
  • Our neighborhood booked a private tour aboard Sushikon last weekend...we had an absolute BLAST! What a great concept! I was really surprised with the quality of the sushi-it is craft sushi. I expected something more like the sushi found at the grocery comparison! I absolutely LOVED the sushi nachos! High quality ingredients and delish! The brewery tours were a lot of fun, and I learned quite a bit from Lake, the tour guide. Both he and Hewatt were phenomenal hosts and a lot of fun. By the end of the evening, the bus was hopping-good times had by all for sure! Thank you, Sushikon! You guys rock!

    Jessica Healy
  • Went for a birthday party and had such a great time! Sushi was crazy good and brewery stops were awesome and just the perfect amnt of time! Tku for such a great evening!

    Carrie Barfield Leahy
  • This was a great experience! How can you beat delicious sushi, great Charleston brews, and a bus full of wonderful people?!? We will definitely be back. Props to Hewitt and his team on the inaugural bus ride - great service, beer advice, and the food was spectacular! We would recommend to anyone celebrating or just looking for something fun to do on the weekend in Charleston. Way to go guys!

    Leah Still Schonfeld
  • What a unique date night (or any event for that matter). We loved how there was always something new around the corner. Whether that be new sushi course, new brewery we'd never been to before, or new part or Charleston to explore.

    Leah Wright Burkett
  • Went on the brewshi tour with some friends and the weather took a turn for the worse causing the second brewery to close early. Sushikon pivoted like pros and took us to a different brewery saving the day. Their connections and savvy made for a great time. Sushi was excellent and would highly recommend!

    Nathan Guerttman
  • A group of us took the tour last night and it was so much fun!!! Sushi was AMAZING. Great beer and super friendly staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fun evening out

    Ashley Davenport Kent
  • This is a terrific tour for groups or just a date night! Visitors to Chas will see a true "locals only" side of this terrific city and meet some terrific people along the way. Come hungry cause the food is amazing!

    Lisa Googe Royster
  • So many great things to say about our fun night last night, I just had to write a review. We had a large group (12) of loud women for a 40th birthday party! From the warm and friendly first greeting to letting us pick the XM channel and embracing (and encouraging) our laughs, the crew was so accommodating and professional! The sushi was fantastic (and that was unexpected...I'm picky)! The "dessert" sushi could have been replaced by some chocolate one really cared for it (banana and cream cheese rolls?). The breweries we visited were all located outside the downtown Charleston area, and I had never heard of any of them. I will absolutely be visiting each of them again after our experience on this trip. Several of us girls commented we couldn't wait to come back, with our husbands and new friends- this is a different date night MUST as well as a fun group setting. Can't wait to see some of the pictures Dana took and visit you all again! Thank you for a great night!

    Sonja Mesik Martin
  • Had a great time celebrating a friend's birthday. The food was great and the two breweries that we visited (Cooper River and Low Tide) were awesome. Can't wait to go again!

    Katherine Ruzhansky




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